What to do if your registrar ceases to exist?

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While it does not happen often, sometimes domain registrars go bankrupt or violate the terms of cooperation – they are not able to continue providing their services and leave their subscribers without support. What will you do if one day you want to visit your website and it turns out impossible due to the lack...

How is it done? The life cycle of domain names

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Everything has its beginning and end including the domain name. Depending on the suffix, domain names differ in their life cycle, i.e. from the time of registration to the time they are released. Some domain names last longer and the rules for their renewal are friendlier for those slightly absent-minded. In other cases, any late...

How to use the .eu domain in business?

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Choosing the right domain name – the key to success Choosing a domain name (i.e. the address displayed in the browser) is one of the most important business decisions when you decide to run an online business. Regardless of the type of industry you intend to operate in, it is the domain name that can...

How registering a domain will help you secure your brand in foreign markets

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If your business only operates locally, you may be missing out on many lucrative business opportunities. It also limits your chances for development and conquering new markets – who knows, maybe Czechs or Italians will love your product? So how to invite such business opportunities and further develop your brand? One of the first steps...

­Internet domain name – secondary or primary market? Pros and cons

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Buying a domain is similar to buying an apartment – it’s often a long-term investment and you can buy it from the secondary or primary market. However, in the case of the secondary market, you’re not always sure what state the apartment will be in when you “move-in”. Moreover, the domain purchase prices are the...

How to avoid domain theft?

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Is it possible to steal an internet domain? You might be surprised, but yes, it is. This offense is not common, but it does happen. For example, in 2015 a company selling glasses fell victim to such practice. In July 2021, a cybercriminal used a cunning method and stole a domain using the domain aftermarket....