Domain .az - national domain: Azerbaijan

How to register a .az internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    $274,99 / year
  • Renewal fee
    $274,99 / year
  • Trade fee
    The domain assignment does not extend its validity.
  • Transfer fee
    renewal not included
    Domain transfer does not extend its validity.
  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    1 year
  • Restrictions

Azerbaijani domain information

.az domains are available to registrants from any country.

Choosing a domain name similar to the registrant's is recommended. Geographical names, surnames of other people, and well-known trademarks may not be used. Registration of .az domain name takes about 5 business days.

In the case of registration for a natural person, an identification number or its equivalent is required.

Azerbaijani domain information refers to the details and data related to the country's top-level domain (TLD), .az. This TLD was created in 1993 and is managed by the Azerbaijan Network Information Center (AzNIC). The purpose of the .az domain is to represent the Azerbaijani identity and promote the country's businesses, organizations, and individuals on the Internet. As of 2021, there are over 60,000 registered .az domains, making it one of the most popular country-code TLDs in the region.

The registration process for .az domains is relatively straightforward, with applicants required to provide some basic information such as their name, address, and contact details. However, there are specific requirements for registering a .az domain, including having a local presence in Azerbaijan or being a registered business in the country. This ensures that the .az domain remains exclusive to entities with a genuine connection to Azerbaijan.

One of the unique features of the .az domain is its support for internationalized domain names (IDNs). This means that domain names can be registered in Azerbaijani language characters, making it easier for local businesses and individuals to have a web presence that reflects their cultural identity. This feature has also helped to increase the popularity of the .az domain within the country.

Aside from being a powerful branding tool, the .az domain also offers a high level of security and stability. AzNIC has implemented various measures to ensure the security of .az domains, such as regular security audits and strict enforcement of domain name abuse policies. This has helped to build trust among users and has contributed to the growth and success of the .az domain.

Furthermore, the .az domain is also used for the promotion of cultural and educational initiatives in Azerbaijan. AzNIC has partnered with various institutions and organizations to provide free domain registration and hosting services for projects related to culture, education, and science. This has not only helped to increase the visibility of such initiatives but has also contributed to the development of the online presence of Azerbaijan.

In conclusion, the Azerbaijani domain information reveals the significance and impact of the .az domain in promoting the country's identity, culture, and economy on the internet. With its increasing popularity and support for local businesses and initiatives, the .az domain continues to play a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape of Azerbaijan.

​Why should I buy a .az domain name?


Purchasing a .az domain name can be particularly strategic for several reasons, especially if you are aiming to establish a presence in Azerbaijan or targeting the Azerbaijani market. Here are some compelling reasons to consider a .az domain for your online endeavors:

  1. Local market presence. A .az domain immediately associates your website with Azerbaijan, signaling to users and customers that you have a local presence. This is especially valuable for businesses that are based in or primarily serve the Azerbaijani market, as it can enhance credibility and trust among local consumers.
  2. SEO advantages. Search engines often prioritize local domain names in search results within the same country. By using a .az domain, you may improve your website’s visibility in search results conducted by users in Azerbaijan, potentially increasing traffic and engagement from a targeted audience.
  3. Brand protection. Registering your brand under the .az domain helps protect your business name and brand identity within the Azerbaijani market. It prevents others from using your brand name with the .az extension, which could be crucial for maintaining your brand’s integrity and reputation locally.
  4. Professional image. Having a .az domain can contribute to a professional image for your business, indicating that you are officially registered and operating in Azerbaijan. It reflects a level of commitment to your local customers and partners.
  5. Local customer trust. Customers in Azerbaijan may perceive a .az domain as a marker of a legitimate and local business, potentially increasing their trust in your products or services. This local trust can be crucial in markets where consumers prefer dealing with businesses that have a recognized local presence.
  6. Better availability. Compared to more generic top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com or .net, there might be better availability for your desired name under the .az domain. This gives you a better chance of registering a short, memorable domain name that aligns closely with your brand or business name.
  7. Cultural connection. Using a .az domain can also demonstrate a cultural connection to Azerbaijan, which can be advantageous for businesses looking to show respect for and integration with local culture and traditions. This can be an effective strategy for building relationships with local customers and businesses.

Everything that you should know about .az domain price

One of the key factors that influence the popularity of a domain is its price. The price of a .az domain can vary depending on several factors, including the registrar you choose and any additional services you may require. The price of a .az domain can also vary depending on whether you are registering a new domain or renewing an existing one.

In addition to the registration fee, you may also need to pay for additional services such as domain privacy protection or email hosting. These services can add to the overall cost of your .az domain, but they are not mandatory. It is important to carefully consider which services you truly need before making a purchase.

For those looking to renew their existing .az domain, the price will also vary depending on the registrar and any additional services. It is important to note that if you do not renew your domain before it expires, there may be additional fees or penalties.

It is also worth mentioning that the price of a .az domain may differ for businesses and individuals. Some registrars offer discounted prices for businesses, while others may charge a higher fee for individuals. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a registrar for your .az domain.

In conclusion, the price of a .az domain may seem higher compared to other domains, but it is important to consider the exclusivity and limited market of this ccTLD. Additionally, the price can vary depending on the registrar and any additional services you may require. It is important to do your research and carefully consider your options before purchasing a .az domain.

How to buy a domain in Azerbaijan?

To purchase a .az domain, you’ll need to select a domain registrar that offers the .az extension such as Let’s Domains. The process typically involves searching for the desired domain name to ensure it’s available, registering it by providing necessary information and documents (if any are required), and then paying the registration fee. It’s important to note that some registrars might have specific requirements for registering a .az domain, including restrictions related to local presence or business registration in Azerbaijan.

Overall, a .az domain can be a valuable asset for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence in Azerbaijan, offering benefits in terms of local relevance, search engine optimization, and brand protection.

Information about the .az domain registry

.az - country code top-level domain name (ccTLD): Azerbaijan
Available domain TLDs: .az
Registry: Republic of Azerbaijan
Public WHOIS server: none

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