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You get fixed and transparent pricelist, easy manager panel, domain security and professional customer service. Most importantly, you can integrate all domain names with just one registrar.

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If you have a domain registered somewhere else you can transfer it to us. Domain transfer is a fully safe operation to your domain names. We assist you in all matters regarding the transfer, including advising on how to obtain authorization codes. Right after the transfer you can enjoy our low domain renewal rates.

Get the auth code from your current domain registrar and check transfer conditions.
Enter the domain name and the auth code in your domain manager.
Confirm e-mail to accept the domain transfer to Let's Domains.

Prices of the most popular domains

Domain Registration price Domain incoming transfer to Let's Domains Renewal price
.asia $21,99 $21,99 $21,99
.biz $16,49 $16,49 $21,99
.com $10,99 $10,99 $21,99
.eu $2,49 $4,99 $13,99 $27,49 $27,49 $27,49
.info $8,49 $16,49 $21,99
.net $13,99 $13,99 $21,99
.org $13,99 $13,99 $21,99
.ею $2,49 $4,99 $13,99
.ευ $2,49 $4,99 $13,99

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Domain transfer - FAQ

General rules is - as soon as possible. While in many cases it is possible to transfer even an expired domain name (we can help you with that if needed), it is the best idea to start the transfer no later than 14 days before domain name expires. That gives you best guarantee the operation will go smoothly.

Log in to the manager panel or create an account on the site: You can initiate the transfer in the "Domains" / "External transfer" tab. Enter the domain name you want to transfer and the auth code (if required). If there are any extra requirements, we will show you full information before you start the transfer.

You can get the auth code from your current domain registrar. You should not be asked for any payment to receive the codes.

The auth code (also called EPP code) is required to transfer most domains, including most popular extensions: .com, .eu, .de, .org, .net, .biz. Some registries however require other means of authorization to make sure transfer request is legitimate (we will guide you through formalities, if needed).

The time usually depends on the transfer procedure in the given registry (including whether the subscriber must provide additional documents). The domain name transfer in global extensions (like .com) takes a maximum of 6 days. Many domains like .de or .eu are transferred instantly. We will let you know if there is a risk of any delays.

Transfer of global domains does not shorten their validity period. When moving inactive domains, you must extend their validity by one year. In country code extensions, these rules differ. Detailed information on the transfer procedures can be found after selecting the extension from the domain database.

During the transfer, domain names works without any interruptions. The transfer does not change any DNS settings. Moving a domain to another registrar is a safe and common operation.