What is a subdomain? Our definition, examples, and methods to use

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At the beginning of your adventure with domains, many concepts are new and often incomprehensible. Wondering what is a subdomain and how it can affect your online presence? If so, you're in the right place! In this article, we will explain in a friendly and accessible way what a subdomain is, how it works, and...

How to fix the "DNS server not responding" error? - complete guide

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DNS servers are a service that maintains the content of websites. It is also thanks to DNS servers that we can use the Internet and watch movies freely. However, what should you do if you get a "DNS server not responding" error on your computer screen? Check out our methods for solving this problem and...

How to change DNS server and why to do it?

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Have you bought a domain and want to change your DNS - the Domain Name Servers? Are you at the beginning of your journey, wondering what Domain Name Servers and DNS records actually are and how to set them?This article will cover how to change DNS servers and connect a domain to a server. DNS...

How to register a domain name in a simple way?

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Are you facing the choice of a web domain and registering your chosen name? Wondering about choosing the best extension for your website? In this article, you will find a complete guide to registering internet domains. We will answer questions regarding domain registration, the domain registrar, the purchase of a domain, and how long does...

Domains for education

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The academic year is fast approaching. It is an excellent (and last) moment to register a new domain related to education. Below, we collected several proposals available in our range – you will definitely find something for you. For Polish schools – a domain We open the list of domains for education with our...

Domains for technological start-ups and companies – part 1

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When you establish a technological start-up or a company, you are probably interested to know whether the name of your firm is available in the .com domain. It is no wonder, as this is the most commonly selected extension, you may have a problem with registering the name you want to use with it. Or...

How to register a domain when you need an address in a given country

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Have you ever tried to register an internet domain, but the registrar did not offer it in their service? Or they offered this option, but required having an administrative address within a territory of a specific country while not offering any solutions in this regard? Have you failed to register a domain name with the...

What to do when someone else is listed as the subscriber of your domain?

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We will describe a fairly common issue in the domain world, which may also be affecting you. It concerns a situation where you once asked a friend, an IT specialist at work, or maybe a partner, to register an internet domain that you are using up to this day. Probably the domain registration went hand...

How do domain appraisal services work and is it worth using them when selling a domain?

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Have you ever wondered how much your internet domain might be worth? Perhaps while looking for an answer to this question, you have come across services that offer help and appraise domains? Or maybe you just found out about their existence now? In this article, we touched upon issues related to domain appraisal and explained...

How to choose profitable markets for your company's foreign expansion?

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Foreign expansion should result from the natural course of things for your company. It should be the next logical stage in the company's development. The first step I recommend to clients before taking action related to entering foreign markets is to study the company's preparation for international expansion.Each department and all staff must have knowledge,...