Multiple websites - should you have them and how to manage them?

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Multiple websites for one business - is it useful to have multiple domains to one site, and if so, how do you manage them effectively? In this article, we will explore the potential benefits and challenges of having multiple websites, exploring key strategies that can help you manage them effectively. We will also address the...

How to register a domain name anonymously?

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Nowadays, when our digital privacy is more valuable than ever, the issue of anonymous domain name registration becomes incredibly important. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a blogger or an internet enthusiast, maintaining anonymity can be important. In this guide, we will dive into anonymous domain registration. We will introduce you to various methods, tools and...

How to create a custom email domain name?

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Do you pay attention when you receive emails to which address they are sent from? Can you see the difference between and addresses? The difference is, of course, in the domain! Having a custom email domain has a significant impact on how you are perceived. Both in the business world and for personal...

Domain owner history lookup - best ways to perform it

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Understanding the domain name owner history is extremely important when choosing an aftermarket domain. Are you wondering how to get the owner history for an internet domain? It is not uncommon for domain owner history to affect the positioning of a domain and its perception by internet users. In this article, we will explain to...

Domain renewal - what is it and how to do it?

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Domain renewal is one of the actions you have to take to keep your domain active. We know from experience that paying for the subscription on time is quite a challenge. For this reason, we have prepared a comprehensive guide with the most important answers to questions for you. In this article, we will explain...

Domain grace period - what should you know?

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Domain is an internet address that is a crucial part of your brand’s Internet identity. What happens if you forget to extend the validity of your domain? This is what the grace period is there for. In this article, we will take a closer look at how long is the grace period for a domain,...

What is a subdomain? Our definition, examples, and methods to use

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At the beginning of your adventure with domains, many concepts are new and often incomprehensible. Wondering what is a subdomain and how it can affect your online presence? If so, you're in the right place! In this article, we will explain in a friendly and accessible way what a subdomain is, how it works, and...

How to fix the "DNS server not responding" error? - complete guide

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DNS servers are a service that maintains the content of websites. It is also thanks to DNS servers that we can use the Internet and watch movies freely. However, what should you do if you get a "DNS server not responding" error on your computer screen? Check out our methods for solving this problem and...

How to change DNS server and why to do it?

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Have you bought a domain and want to change your DNS - the Domain Name Servers? Are you at the beginning of your journey, wondering what Domain Name Servers and DNS records actually are and how to set them?This article will cover how to change DNS servers and connect a domain to a server. DNS...

How to register a domain name in a simple way?

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Are you facing the choice of a web domain and registering your chosen name? Wondering about choosing the best extension for your website? In this article, you will find a complete guide to registering internet domains. We will answer questions regarding domain registration, the domain registrar, the purchase of a domain, and how long does...