ID Protect

Every time you register a domain, your must submit your personal data to your chosen registrar and to the registry that maintains the domain of your choice. It is important to provide valid and accurate data as it is the only way to prove your rights to that particular odmain name.

Your personal data of your company details may be published in WHOIS database under certain circumstances. This is why it is worth to add an extra layer of protection.

What domains support ID Protect?

The ID Protect service is available for global domains with the extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .tv and for most new domains. If ID Protect is available we will show it is as an option for purchase.


Protection of your private data. Most WHOIS services do not display personal data since GDPR has been introduced, but there are so called gated-WHOIS services, for authorized entities. Even there, your personal data will not appear. It is also fully compliant with the domain registration agreement.

Dynamic alias system that protects against spam. Your real contact e-mail address will not be disclosed and used for spam. Dynamic alias is changed regularly and forwards e-mail messages to your real mailbox. This prevents spam and makes sure you receive all e-mails that are really important.

Full control over the domain. Activation of ID Protect gives you same full rights to your domain name. You can edit it, update it or transfer it anytime you need.

How to order ID Protect?

The additional ID Protect service can be activated for global domains (with the endings com, net, org, biz, info, tv, mobi) and for many new domains you maintain with Let's Domains. You can easily order it along with new registrations or activate it for your already existing domain names.