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There are so many domain registrars. How to make the best choice? It becomes easier if you consider the following factors. First - portfolio of domains supported. Are you able to consolidate all your domains with just one provider? Second - ask your registrar if they have loyal customers for more than 20 years. Third - are registration, renewal and transfer prices clearly available, without any hidden fees? At Let's Domains we have answers you will like to hear. Our brand has been created as a one stop solution for all your domain needs.

We are integrated directly with dozens of registries and registrars. This is why we know not only how to register a domain name, but also how to do it in a most effective and timely manner. Especially some country-specific domain names require manual processing and registration and this is where our experience can expedite things a lot.

In most cases, yes. Many countries still restrict registration in their TLD to local entities, trademark holders or there is much bureaucratic burden involved. We have experience getting a working domain name, fully legal, even in most closed registries. We can also help you comply with local regulations. In case of any doubt, if you are eligible to register a domain name in a particular TLD, just contact us. We will assess you eligibility and let you know, how we can help.

Many registries have legally binding contracts with registrars, that give registrants full rights to receive transfer codes upon request. Sometimes, registrars refuse to do so or simply disappear. We have helped many of our customers regain control of their domain names, either by talking directly to the registries on their behalf, or by working with registrars that actually handled such registrations. We will gladly help you transfer your domain names to us, even if your current domain registrar is not cooperative.

No worries, please just contact us via e-mail or ticket!

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