Domain .bs - national domain: Bahamas

How to register a .bs internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    $412,49 / year
  • Renewal fee
    $412,49 / year
  • Transfer fee
  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    2 years
  • Restrictions

Bahamian domain information

The .bs domain is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Bahamas, managed by the University of the Bahamas. It's used by entities connected with the Bahamas but is not very heavily utilized. Registrations are accepted at the second and third levels, with specific third-level domains like and for different entities. There are no general restrictions for registration, making it accessible for various users and purposes​.

Why should I buy a .bs domain name?

Buying a .bs domain name could be beneficial if you are operating in or targeting the Bahamian market, as it can help establish a local presence and improve local search engine rankings. Additionally, it's useful for protecting your brand and expanding your online identity within the Bahamas.

Bahamas’ domain information

In terms of domain information, the Bahamas has its country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .bs, which was introduced in 1991. This domain is managed by the Bahamas Network Information Center (, a division of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC). is responsible for the registration and administration of all .bs domains, ensuring that they comply with the country's laws and regulations.

Obtaining a .bs domain is relatively simple, with no restrictions on who can register. The Bahamas also offers a variety of second-level domains under the .bs extension, such as for commercial entities, for non-profit organizations, and for educational institutions. These subdomains allow for more specific and targeted website addresses, making it easier for users to find relevant information.

In recent years, the Bahamas has seen a significant increase in the number of registered .bs domains, with many businesses and individuals choosing to have a .bs website to showcase their connection to the country. Additionally, the Bahamas government has taken steps to protect its ccTLD from cyber threats, implementing measures such as DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) to ensure the security and integrity of .bs domains.

In conclusion, the Bahamas' domain information reflects the country's unique and diverse identity, with a strong focus on maintaining its local presence and promoting its rich culture and economy. As the country continues to develop and thrive, the .bs domain will undoubtedly play a vital role in its online presence and representation on the global stage.

Everything that you should know about .bs domain price

First, it is important to note that the price of a .bs domain can vary depending on the registrar you choose. Sometimes we offer promotional pricing or discounts, while others may charge a higher fee for additional services such as domain privacy or security features.

The fee is typically paid to the registrar and covers the cost of registering and managing your domain. Keep in mind that this fee is subject to change and may increase or decrease over time.

In addition to the registration fee, there may also be renewal fees that you will need to pay to keep your .bs domain. It is important to keep track of when your domain is set to expire and make sure to renew it before the expiration date to avoid any additional fees or the risk of losing your domain altogether.

In summary, the price of a .bs domain can depend on additional fees for renewal, domain privacy, and security features. It is important to research different registrars and compare prices before deciding to ensure you are getting the best deal for your domain. Additionally, staying on top of renewal dates and taking advantage of promotional pricing can also help you save money in the long run.

How to buy a domain in the Bahamas?

If you are looking to buy a domain in the Bahamas, there are a few important steps you need to follow. The first step is to do some research on the domain name you want to purchase. Make sure it is available and not already registered by someone else. You can use our domain search tool to check the availability of your desired domain name. 

Once you have found a suitable registrar, you will need to provide them with your personal information and payment details. You will also need to select the length of your domain registration, which is usually one year. After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email with your domain details and login credentials to manage your domain. It is important to keep your login details safe and secure. Once your domain is registered, you will have full control over it. This means you can create and manage your website, set up email accounts, and make any necessary changes to your domain settings. It is also important to renew your domain registration before it expires to ensure that you do not lose ownership of your domain. By following these steps, you can successfully purchase a domain in the Bahamas and establish your online presence.

Information about the .bs domain registry

.bs - country code top-level domain name (ccTLD): Bahamas

The available domain TLDs: .bs

Registry: The College of the Bahamas


Public WHOIS server: none

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