Domain - national domain: Angola

How to register a internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    $824,99 / year
    Registration is available only to entities based in Angola.
  • Renewal fee
    $824,99 / year
  • Transfer fee
  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    1 year
  • Restrictions

Angolan domain information

Registration of is possible only for entities located in Angola. For international registrants, it is possible to register domain domain represents commercial entities and businesses operating within Angola. As a second-level domain under the primary .ao ccTLD for Angola, it emphasizes a strong connection to the country. Businesses, both local and international, looking to establish a digital presence in Angola or cater to the Angolan market might consider using the domain. It not only signifies a direct association with Angola but also instills a sense of trust and local relevance among Angolan internet users. Registering a domain can be an essential step for companies aiming to enhance their brand visibility and credibility in the Angolan market.

Why should I buy a domain name?

Purchasing a domain name offers several strategic advantages, especially if you're targeting the Angolan market. Owning a domain establishes a strong local presence in Angola, signaling to the local audience that you're committed to serving them. Local domain extensions often instill a sense of trust among the native audience. They can be more inclined to engage with a website that has a local domain, viewing it as more relevant and trustworthy. Search engines often prioritize local domains for users searching from that specific country. A domain can potentially rank higher in search results for users in Angola, driving more organic traffic to your site.

Compared to generic top-level domains (gTLDs) like .com or .net, there might be more availability in the space, allowing you to secure a more precise or brand-specific domain name. Even if you primarily use another domain extension, securing the version can prevent competitors or other entities from registering it, protecting your brand's integrity in the Angolan market. If you operate in a competitive industry, having a domain can differentiate your business, emphasizing your focus on the Angolan market. A local domain can make it easier to forge partnerships or business relationships in Angola, as it demonstrates a long-term commitment to the region. Using a domain can resonate more with the local culture, showing respect and understanding of the local audience's preferences and values.

In summary, a domain is a valuable asset for businesses and individuals aiming to establish a strong foothold in Angola, enhancing local trust, visibility, and market relevance.

Angolan domain information

The domain is the official domain for the country of Angola. It is a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) and is regulated by the Angola Network Information Center (ANIC). The domain has become increasingly popular in recent years, as Angola is an emerging economy with a growing digital presence. The domain is a great choice for businesses and individuals looking to target the Angolan market. The domain is also an excellent option for those looking to secure their brand name in the Angolan market. 

Everything that you should know about domain price

The cost of registering a domain can vary depending on where you register your domain. The cost of renewing a domain is usually the same as registering a new one. The renewal process is also quite straightforward and can be done in a few simple steps. Additionally, the domain is eligible for some discounts if you register for multiple years at once. One important thing to keep in mind when registering a domain is that it must include the name of the company or individual registering the domain. This is a requirement of the Angolan government and must be followed in order to register a domain. Additionally, some registrars may require additional information or documentation if you are registering a domain on behalf of a company or organization.

How to buy a domain in Angola?

To buy a domain in Angola, start by selecting a relevant and memorable domain name. Use Let's Domains. We offer domain registrations and check the availability of your desired name on their platform. If your chosen name is available, proceed with the registration process, which might require providing certain documents or proof of identity, especially if there are restrictions on domain ownership in Angola. After registering, configure your domain settings, such as DNS configurations or linking to your hosting provider. Remember to renew your domain before its expiration to maintain ownership. Some registrars offer privacy services to hide your personal details from public domain lookups. If you face challenges, consider seeking help from local experts in Angola. Once registered, ensure your website content is tailored to the Angolan audience if you're targeting the local market.

Information about the domain registry - country code top-level domain name (ccTLD): Angola

The available domain TLDs:

Registry: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade Agostinho Neto


Public WHOIS server: none

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