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How to register a .edu internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    Registrations in .edu TLD are restricted only to authorized U.S. educational institutions.
  • Renewal fee
  • Trade fee
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  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    1 year
  • Restrictions

.edu domain information

Registrations in .edu TLD are restricted only to authorized U.S. educational institutions.

.edu domain is a sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet, specifically designed for educational institutions. Introduced in 1985, it was initially open to entities from any region, aiming to create a domain name hierarchy for organizations with an educational focus. However, since 2001, new registrants have been required to be United States–affiliated institutions of higher education.

Historically, the .edu domain was intended for educational institutions worldwide, but most of the registrants were in the U.S., while non-U.S. educational entities typically used country-level domains. In 1993, the domain was limited to four-year postsecondary educational institutions. By 2001, the domain was further restricted to U.S.-accredited postsecondary institutions, including accredited community colleges and entities governing multiple accredited postsecondary institutions.

Since October 29, 2001, only institutions and organizations institutionally accredited by an agency on the U.S. Department of Education's list have been eligible for an .edu domain. Domains registered before this date were grandfathered in, allowing them to retain their .edu domain names regardless of current eligibility criteria.

In essence, the .edu domain emphasizes a strong connection to educational endeavors and is a hallmark of accredited educational institutions in the U.S.

Why should I buy a .edu domain name?

Owning a .edu domain name offers distinct advantages, especially for educational institutions. The .edu domain is globally recognized as the domain of accredited educational institutions, primarily in the U.S. Having this domain instantly lends credibility and trust to your institution, signaling to students, faculty, and stakeholders that you are a recognized educational entity. Search engines often prioritize .edu domains due to their authoritative nature, leading to better organic search rankings and making it easier for prospective students and researchers to find your institution online. Since .edu domains are restricted to accredited postsecondary institutions, owning one sets your institution apart from non-accredited entities, enhancing its reputation and prestige. The domain clearly communicates the primary focus of your website – education, which can be beneficial for branding and marketing. Given the stringent eligibility criteria, there's a reduced risk of domain squatting, phishing, or other malicious activities. Being part of the .edu community connects your institution with other recognized educational entities, facilitating collaborations and networking. For institutions with a global presence, a .edu domain provides consistent branding across regions. Alumni often trust the .edu domain of their alma mater, which can be leveraged for engagement and fundraising activities. However, it's essential to note that the domain is restricted, and institutions should ensure they meet the eligibility criteria before considering a purchase.

.edu domain information

.edu domain is a sponsored top-level domain (sTLD) reserved primarily for accredited postsecondary educational institutions in the U.S. Introduced in 1985, it's globally recognized as a hallmark of educational entities, lending credibility and trust. Due to its exclusivity and stringent eligibility criteria, the .edu domain emphasizes an institution's authoritative and educational focus.

A .edu domain name is a website address that is associated with educational institutions and organizations. It is a popular choice for those looking to create a website for their school, college, university, or other educational institution. The .edu domain name is administered by the EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing higher education through the use of technology and information. The .edu domain name is a restricted domain, meaning that it is available only to accredited post-secondary institutions in the United States. 

This means that only schools, colleges, and universities that have been accredited can register a .edu domain name. 

Everything that you should know about .edu domain price

The .edu domain price can vary depending on the provider and the type of registration you choose. The renewal price may be slightly higher, but not significantly so. Additionally, some registrars may offer special discounts if you purchase multiple years of registration or take advantage of other special offers. Many registrars also offer a variety of add-on services, such as domain privacy, website hosting, and email address forwarding, which can add to the cost of your .edu domain name. It is important to consider all of these factors when deciding which registrar to use for your .edu domain name.

How to buy a .edu domain?

To buy a .edu domain, first ensure your institution qualifies by being an accredited postsecondary institution in the U.S. Choose a representative domain name and visit the official EDUCAUSE website, the authorized registrar for .edu domains. Check the domain's availability and provide proof of your institution's accreditation. Once verified, register the domain, set up the necessary configurations, and remember to renew it periodically. Staying updated with any policy changes for .edu domains is also essential. Owning a .edu domain emphasizes your institution's credibility in the educational sector.

Information about the .edu domain registry

.edu - generic top-level domain (gTLD)

The available domain TLDs: .edu

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