Domain .gi - national domain: Gibraltar

How to register a .gi internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    $137,49 / year
    .gi domain registration is possible only for entities registered in Gibraltar. All domain names are subject to registry approval.
  • Renewal fee
    $137,49 / year
  • Transfer fee
  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    2 years
  • Restrictions

Gibraltar domain information

In accordance with the current registration rules, .gi domain (Gibraltar) is available only to companies and organizations registered in Gibraltar. The most important registration conditions are as follows:

  • the minimum length of the domain name is three characters,
  • all .gi domain names may be used exclusively by businesses and organizations based in Gibraltar for their own purposes only,
  • no .gi domains may be used for any purpose prohibited by Gibraltar law,
  • each domain name is subject to approval by the registry, which reserves the right to refuse requests to register a domain name it deems undesirable.

Please contact us to register a .gi domain name if you meet the above conditions.

.gi domain name is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory. Here's a breakdown of its usage and the various second-level domains:

  • - Primarily used by commercial organizations in Gibraltar.
  • - Designated for registered public or private limited companies within Gibraltar.
  • - Reserved for Gibraltar government departments, bodies, and associated government-funded organizations.
  • - Used by Gibraltar Ministry of Defence departments.
  • - Intended for schools and education departments in Gibraltar.
  • - Meant for non-commercial organizations in Gibraltar.

Interestingly, the .gi domain has also seen some use for official domains related to the Spanish city of Girona. This usage arose due to the abbreviation's coincidence and prior to the creation of the .cat TLD, which caters to the Catalan community. However, new second-level registrations directly under .gi are now restricted to entities with a connection to Gibraltar.

Why should I buy a .gi domain name?

Three reasons why you should purchase a .gi domain name:

  1. Local Presence in Gibraltar. Owning a .gi domain instantly establishes your association with Gibraltar, a strategic and unique British Overseas Territory. For businesses or individuals looking to connect with the local audience, this domain provides an immediate sense of locality and trust.
  2. Branding Opportunities. Given that the .gi domain is specific to Gibraltar, there's a higher chance of securing your desired domain name, especially if it's already taken in more generic top-level domains. This can offer unique branding opportunities and help your website stand out.
  3. Versatility in Naming. While the .gi domain primarily represents Gibraltar, it can also be creatively used for domain hacks or wordplay, especially if the abbreviation "gi" aligns with your brand or the message you want to convey.

In summary, a .gi domain can be a strategic asset for those looking to establish a strong online presence in Gibraltar, offering local recognition, unique branding opportunities, and a memorable digital identity.

Gibraltarian domain information

.gi domain name is the official top-level domain (TLD) for Gibraltar. It is regulated by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA). With a .gi domain name, businesses and individuals in Gibraltar can create a more professional online presence that reflects the location of their business or organization. The .gi domain name is an ideal option for businesses that want to establish a local presence in Gibraltar or promote their services in the area. The .gi domain name is also popular among individuals who want to showcase their personal interests and online presence in Gibraltar.

Everything that you should know about .gi domain price

The .gi domain name is available for registration at a variety of prices. The exact price of a domain name will depend on the domain registrar and the number of years for which the domain name is registered. Additionally, the renewal cost of a .gi domain name is usually slightly higher than the initial registration cost.

How to buy a domain in Gibraltar?

When registering a .gi domain name, it is important to consider the availability of the domain name. A domain registrar will check to see if the domain name is available before the domain name can be registered. Additionally, a domain registrar may also provide additional services such as website hosting and domain privacy protection. These services may incur additional fees.

In conclusion, a .gi domain name is an excellent option for businesses and individuals looking to establish a presence in Gibraltar. The cost of registering a .gi domain name is affordable, and the domain name can be easily renewed. Moreover, a domain registrar may provide additional services such as website hosting and domain privacy protection. Therefore, if you are looking to establish a presence in Gibraltar, then the .gi domain name is a great option.

Information about the .gi domain registry

.gi - country code top-level domain name (ccTLD): Gibraltar

The available domain TLDs: .gi

Registry: Sapphire Networks


Public WHOIS server:

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