Domain .net - gTLD

How to register a .net internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    $16,49 / year
  • Renewal fee
    $27,49 / year
  • Trade fee
    free of charge
    The domain owner change does not extend its validity.
  • Transfer fee
    renewal included
    The transfer can be made no sooner than 60 days from the date of domain registration or its previous transfer. The transfer extends the validity period of the domain by 1 year and is a paid operation, which means that your pre-paid balance must have sufficient funds. The domain must be unlocked for transfer (cannot be in REGISTRAR-LOCK status). If the domain has been reactivated after it has expired in the last 60 days, no additional validity year will be charged.
  • Reactivation fee
    Additional restore fee is due on the domain renewal date. Restore is possible only within 28 days thereafter.
  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    1 year
  • Restrictions

.net domain information

The .net domain is one of the original top-level domains (TLDs) introduced in 1985, initially intended to serve network-oriented entities such as internet service providers and infrastructure companies. Despite its origins, .net is now available for use by any individual or organization, making it one of the most popular and universally recognized TLDs on the internet. It operates under the management of VeriSign, which ensures the stability and security of domains registered under this TLD. Over the years, .net has become synonymous with online services and technology-oriented businesses, offering a credible and professional option for those looking to establish their presence online.

Why you should buy a .net domain name?

Opting for a .net domain name can be a strategic decision for businesses and individuals alike, particularly for those involved in tech or startup communities. It projects a professional image and aligns well with companies that are in the networking, internet, and technology sectors. Additionally, since .net is less saturated than .com, there is a higher chance of obtaining a shorter and more desirable URL, which is crucial for branding and ease of recall. Furthermore, owning a .net domain can protect your brand, preventing others from registering your chosen name on this popular TLD.

Everything that you should know about .net domain price

The price of a .net domain varies depending on the registrar you choose and any additional services you opt for, like privacy protection or enhanced security features. Some registrars offer discounted rates for the first year or lower prices for long-term registrations. It's important to consider renewal costs, which can be higher than the initial registration fee. Always check for hidden fees and ensure you understand the total cost of ownership before making a purchase.

How to buy a .net domain?

Purchasing a .net domain is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. First, choose a reliable domain registrar accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Use the registrar's search tool to check the availability of your desired .net domain name. If it's available, you can proceed to register it by providing the necessary contact information and making a payment. During this process, consider whether you need additional services like domain privacy, which hides your personal information from the public WHOIS database. Once registered, you can manage your domain through the registrar’s control panel, setting up DNS records and other configurations as needed.

Information about the .net domain registry

.net- generic top-level domain (gTLD)

The available domain TLDs: .net

Registry: VeriSign Global Registry Services


Public WHOIS server:

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