Domain renewal - what is it and how to do it?

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Domain renewal - what is it and how to do it?

Domain renewal is one of the actions you have to take to keep your domain active. We know from experience that paying for the subscription on time is quite a challenge. For this reason, we have prepared a comprehensive guide with the most important answers to questions for you.

In this article, we will explain what exactly domain renewal is, why it is important, and show you the renewal process step by step.

Do domains need to be renewed?

Do domains need to be renewed? This is probably the first question that comes to mind when it comes to paying for the subscription. So, do domains need to be renewed? If you are running an online store or a company website, your domain should consistently remain active for your customers. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to technical aspects of domain renewal.

How often is a domain renewed?

Domain renewal usually occurs after the end of the billing period for a given domain. Depending on the extension, renewal of the domain name occurs once every year or two years (in the case of domains with a minimum registration period of 2 years, e.g. the .to domain). If you pay for your domain for a longer period, for instance, 5 years, you will have to perform the next domain renewal after 5 years. We hope this paragraph made how often is a domain renewed clear.

How do I renew an expired domain?

In the case of expired domains, domain renewal is possible, but an additional reactivation fee may be charged. How much is an additional reactivation fee? A lot depends on the policy of a given register – some domains may be renewed for free, and for others, an additional fee is charged. We will inform you about the additional reactivation fee after the domain expiration.

How long after domain name renewal, the domain name is active?

If the domain expired and was inactive, its activation may take up to a few hours. This results from the settings propagation on DNS servers. If the domain remained inactive for a few hours or days (sometimes even weeks), the information that the domain is active must spread throughout the Web. You may also encounter information about propagating changes throughout the Web.

How to turn on domain auto-renewal?

At this point, the auto renewal option is not available, but we will inform you as soon as possible when it is! Currently, you can renew traditional domains via a transfer, a PayPal transaction, or by payment card. Details on our website.

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How to register a domain without renewal?

Are you wondering how to register a domain without renewal? It is simple! You just have to sign up with Let’s Domains, use the domain browser and find your dream domain! The registration process is explained in detail here: How to register a domain name in a simple way? Step by step, we guide you through the domain registration process.

Concerning the question of how to register a domain without renewal, the only solution here is to register a domain for a longer period right away (max 10 years) or to register a domain with the intention to have it expire. As you can see, domain name renewal is a process that is an intrinsic part of the life cycle of domain names. Most of the time, registering a domain without renewal is not the best option.

What is the grace period for domain renewal?

What is the grace period for domain renewal? It depends! Each extension has its specific domain grace period. Usually, it is from 1 to 40 days after the deadline for renewing the domain. Remember that by renewing the domain after its expiration, you might have to pay an additional reactivation fee. We explained the domain grace period in detail here: Domain grace period - what should you know? Check this article out, especially if you are regularly late on your domain fees!

Domain name renewal cost

Regarding fees… You must be wondering how much this will cost, how to renew your domain, and whether you can renew your domain more cheaply. You will find answers to all these questions below. We will also show you how to renew your domain and how to check when your domain will expire.

How much will you charge for domain renewal?

Charges for the domain name renewal depend on the register that manages the domain. It sets the price for registration, extension, assignment, transfer, and reactivation. As you can see, sometimes the price for the registration and the renewal are the same, but it is not a rule. For many extensions, the domain renewal price is higher than the registration price. In the end, how much will you charge for domain renewal depends on whether you will pay for your domain on time.

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How much is the cost of domain name renewal?

The entirety of charges for domain name renewal consists of the renewal fee. This usually applies to one or two years (in the case of domains with a minimum registration and renewal period of 2 years, e.g. the .gr domain).

Additional charges consist of the reactivation fee, the amount of which depends on the register. Remember that the additional reactivation fee is only charged if you do not pay for your domain before the deadline passes.

Cheap domain renewal? Is it even possible?

Cheap domain renewal is usually connected with hidden charges. These only appear in the least expected moment: during the next renewal, when you want to reactivate the domain, or while attempting to delegate the domain to other servers. When deciding to use cheap domain renewal, pay attention to other fees and whether there are any.

At Let’s Domains, we offer market prices based on our experience. Over 20 years of experience allowed us to get an insight into the domain market and consistently offer good quality services. We are growing for you and provide a transparent price list.

Domain renewal check, or how to check when my domain will expire?

Are you wondering whether your domain is about to expire? How to check this? Log into the administration panel and go to the Domains tab > Domains list. Next to the domain, find the Days to renew option, where you will find the number of days until the domain renewal.

domain expiration

As the domain expiration date gets closer, the option to pay for and renew the domain will appear in the administration panel. 30, 10, and 1 day before the domain expiration, we remind you about it via e-mail. The sooner you renew your domain, the better. With this, you will avoid reactivation fees and the loss of your domain.

Is your domain maintained by a different provider and you do not know when your domain will expire? Contact us – we will check your domain’s expiration date for you and give you a hint on how to best renew it.

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What to do before expiration?

Before domain expiration, remember about these few points:

  1. Ensure regular domain renewal (ideally for a period longer than a year).

  2. If you receive a reminder about the upcoming domain expiration, do not put it off. The sooner you renew your domain, the better.

  3. Make sure your contact data is correct. Remember that we contact you using the data available in the administration panel. If your data is not up to date, we will not be able to inform you that your domain is about to expire.

  4. Use a registrar that you can actually contact. Frequently, customers transfer their domains to Let’s Domains because of a lack of communication. Use a reliable registrar, like Let’s Domains.

As you can see, domain name renewal has a lot of dimensions to it that you should pay attention to. We hope this guide will prepare you for regular domain renewal. If you need help, contact us. We will help you to renew your domain!