Domain grace period - what should you know?

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Domain grace period - what should you know?

Domain is an internet address that is a crucial part of your brand’s Internet identity. What happens if you forget to extend the validity of your domain? This is what the grace period is there for.


In this article, we will take a closer look at how long is the grace period for a domain, how you can renew your domain in grace period and what happens if you forgot to renew your domain name.

What is the domain grace period?

Domain grace period refers to the specific period after the domain expiration name, during which the subscriber can still renew it. This period is usually around 30 days, although its exact length depends on the domain registrar and the given domain.

During the domain grace period, the domain is inactive, which means it shows no content (even if you paid for your hosting account or server). Don’t forget that your e-mail, subdomains and domain-based applications also stop working in this period. Regardless, if you remain a domain subscriber in the grace period, you still hold the exclusive right to renew the domain. The domain is not available for registration, but it is for renewal.

After the grace period is over, the domain usually goes into the pending delete phase, during which the subscriber can no longer retrieve it. The domain is pending deletion, and after this phase, it is released to the pool of available domain names and can be registered by anyone.

The domain grace period is a form of protection, giving the forgetful subscribers one more chance to notice their oversight. Domain enables you to secure the domain before its permanent loss. Interestingly, not all domain names have a grace period, and the rules behind this may differ depending on the registry. In such cases, it is key to read the terms and conditions while registering the domain.

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How long is the grace period for a domain?

If the domain grace period can differ depending on the domain, you might be wondering how long is the grace period for a domain? The answer is: it depends. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the most popular extensions and see how much time you have for the domain renewal:

  • Popular global domains (.com, .biz, .net, .org, .info) have a 40-day grace period and a paid domain renewal is, by all means, possible in this period.

  • In the case of the .us domain (although it is a national domain), the grace period is roughly the same as for the global domains, i.e. 40 days. Similarly, an additional fee is applicable.

  • Domains such as .cn (China), .es (Spain), and .gr (Greece) have a 14-day grace period. It is possible to renew the domain within 14 days from the domain expiration.

As you can see, how long is the grace period for a domain depends mainly on the registry of a given extension. It is the registry that decides what the rules for domain renewal are.

How do I renew my domain in the grace period?

Moving on to the domain renewal, you must be wondering how you can renew your domain the grace period? If your domain has expired and you would like to renew it, do it as soon as you can! Log into the administration panel and find the Domain list option. On the list of domains, pick the domain you want to renew.

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Click the Domain details option in order to renew the domain in the grace period. Don’t forget that renewing the domain is only possible before the domain expiration and within a specified period (grace period) after its expiration.

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If you have any questions regarding domain renewal, contact our customer service office. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions!

What happens if I forgot to renew my domain name?

Domain renewal is an important part of a domain’s life. What happens if you forgot to renew your domain name? A lot depends on which extension you registered. After the domain has expired, it enters a grace period. During this time, you can renew the domain without additional fees. Your website and services related to it (e.g. e-mail) could be temporarily unavailable.


Renewing a domain during the grace period may require additional fees, depending on the extension. You can find information about the additional fee in the administration panel or on the list of domains. If you can’t see any information about renewing the domain in your panel or have any doubts regarding domain renewal, contact our customer service office. We’ll be happy to solve your issue!

What happens to domains after the grace period?

Depending on the extension, you can expect two situations after the grace period:

  • Redemption period, during which you can still renew the domain, but for a higher, additional fee. The domain is reserved for you as a subscriber and no one, except for you, can reactivate or register it.

  • Pending delete, which is when the registry is preparing the domain for deletion. During this time, both domain renewal and reactivation are not possible. After this period, the domain is deleted and can be released for registration, which occurs for the majority of domains. Global domains (.com, .biz, .net, .org, .info) are an exception to this rule, as they can be taken over by the registry and auctioned off or sold.

As you can see, domain expiration is a surprising process, and ignoring it can lead to serious consequences. Now you know what happens to domains after the grace period. How should you then prepare for the domain expiration?

How to prepare for the domain expiration?

Obviously, it is best to avoid domain expiration. It is wise to pay for the domain before its expiration date. Don’t forget that we will send you e-mail reminders with the payment details several times before the domain expiration date. You can extend your domain (by several years) at any time in the administration panel using the pre-paid balance. If you can’t find this option, contact us – we will create an extension order for your domains for you.


We hope that you now know how long is the grace period for a domain, how you can renew your domain in grace period and what happens if you forgot to renew your domain name. Don’t forget that regular domain renewal can save you from domain expiration. The effects of the TLDs’ grace periods are severe while renewing a domain takes only a couple of minutes.