Brand protection in the online world

Conducting business in a digital world requires reacting to the challenges posed by changes in the market.

It is clear that one of the key steps to success in the online world is to get the right domain name. Is one domain sufficient for a company planning to expand into different markets? There are many reasons to consider buying domains with different endings. These are a few of them.

Protection of a domain name in different countries

A company operating online and planning to expand to different countries of the world should think about registering its name (preferably proprietary) with endings/extensions popular in foreign markets.

Typically, a business starts in one country, but over time more language versions of the company's website and store are introduced. Ideally, they should be available in the national domain of the country in which you are selling. Such a domain will best build trust among your potential customers. customer stories confirm that it is worth registering names with several extensions early in the business. The risk later is that the domains will be seized by competing companies.

To meet the needs of entrepreneurs operating expansively in various markets, we have created the largest range of domains from around the world available for registration in a single place.

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Find the perfect domains for your business

As you secure your brand, you can start by checking the country where you are starting your business. If you plan to expand your brand to other countries, pay special attention to registering global domains and the national domains of the countries potentially most attractive to your business.

Do not forget about new domains, which through their name will indicate the specifics of your business.

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Brand protection

If you have a registered brand, bear in mind that your company name may be registered in another region or another category. In such a case, it may be difficult or even impossible to recover a domain, registered by another company, even if you decide to litigate.

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Avoid additional costs

Registering a domain with multiple extensions at the time of branding protects you from additional costs associated with the possibility of its acquisition by competitors or for further resale on the domain exchange (for example, in markets that are business-attractive).

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SEO optimisation

The right domains help optimise the site for search engine visibility (SEO).

If you have multiple domains, you can also redirect traffic to a single page or create multiple pages for different language versions, for example.

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Registration of foreign domains

(national, global, new domains)

By using the services of and registering various domain extensions, you increase the protection of your brand. Registered domains will be one of the most important digital assets of your business.

We will help you with the process of registering more domains and offer attractive prices tailored to your volume of domains.

Transfer your domains to us, start using our price list and avoid unnecessary costs.