Domain .is - national domain: Iceland

How to register a .is internet domain?

  • Registration fee
    $54,99 / year
  • Renewal fee
    $109,99 / year
  • Trade fee
    free of charge
    The domain owner change requires email confirmation by the subscriber. The domain owner change does not extend its validity.
  • Transfer fee
    free of charge
    renewal not included
    The domain transfer requires handover access to the subscriber's account on the .is registry website. The domain transfer does not extend its validity.
  • Reactivation fee
    Additional restore fee is due on the domain renewal date (90 days before expiration date). Restore is possible only within 14 days thereafter.
  • Minimum registration and renewal period
    1 year
  • Restrictions

Icelandic domain information

.is domain (Iceland) is available online without any restrictions. First .is domain name ( was registered on 11 December 1986 and was registered by the University of Iceland. In 2007-2010, according to the McAfee report "Mapping the Mal Web”, the .is domain name was one of the top 10 most secure TLDs in the world. By the end of 2022 there were almost 80 thousand .is domains registered. From 1986 .is domain name is managed by the ISNIC registry.

.is domain name is often used to be part of domain hacks. Register your .is domain name today!

Why should I buy a .is domain name?

.is domain name is a great investment for any individual or business. Not only is it a unique domain extension, but it also has a variety of advantages. For starters, .is domains are easy to remember and are highly recognizable. Additionally, .is domains rank higher in some search engines, making it easier for customers to find your website. Additionally, .is domains are seen as more professional and trustworthy, which can help give your business a leg up over the competition. Finally, .is domains are more secure than other domain extensions, as they are not as vulnerable to malicious attacks and cybercrime. All in all, .is domains are a great investment for anyone looking to take their business online.

Iceland domain information

Iceland has a thriving economy and is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe. As such, it is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular countries for domain registration.

Icelandic (.is) domain name is available in both the .is top-level domain. The .is domain is the most popular and is the official domain of Iceland. It is available to anyone worldwide and offers a great way to show your commitment to the country.

When registering an Icelandic domain, it is worth noting that the name could be in Icelandic. This means that you can use the Icelandic alphabet and not the Latin or English alphabet. Additionally, you can use the Icelandic character set, which includes letters such as á, é, í, ó, ú, and þ.

Icelandic domains are also subject to the rules of the Icelandic Domain Registry, which regulates who can register domains in the .is domains. The rules are designed to protect the interests of the country and ensure that domain names are not abused or misused.

In addition to registering a domain in the .is domains, you can also register a domain in the .com or .net domains. These domains are not specifically related to Iceland but are often used by businesses and organizations with a presence in the country.

Iceland is a great country to consider for your domain registration, and with the right knowledge and resources, you can easily register a domain the .is domains. With the right domain, you can create a professional website that is sure to make a statement about your commitment to the country.

Everything that you should know about .is domain price

The .is domain price is a cost associated with registering a domain name with the .is top-level domain. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its uniqueness and the fact that it is a relatively new domain name option. When registering a domain name with the .is top-level domain, it is important to keep in mind the cost associated with it.

The cost of registering a domain name with the .is top-level domain is relatively low when compared to some of the other top-level domains. It is important to note that the cost of renewing a domain name with the .is top-level domain is usually cheaper than the cost of registering a new domain name with the .is top-level domain. Additionally, sometimes we may offer discounts or promotions in order to encourage you to register the .is domain name. It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with registering a domain name with the .is top-level domain in order to ensure that the domain name registration is valid and that all of the necessary information is provided.

How to buy a domain in Iceland?

Buying a domain in Iceland is an easy process, and there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure that you have a successful purchase. First, you’ll want to decide on the domain name that you would like to purchase. You can search for .is domains that are available on our website. Once you’ve found the domain you’d like to purchase, you can register it by completing the following steps on the website. You may also be required to pay a registration fee. Finally, you’ll need to set up your domain name and create your website. This can be a fairly simple process, but you may want to consult with an experienced web developer to make sure that your website is properly set up and running. After everything is set up, you’ll be ready to start using your domain and building your website!

Information about the .is domain registry

.is - country code top-level domain name (ccTLD): Iceland

The available domain TLDs: .is

Registry: ISNIC - Internet Iceland ltd.


Public WHOIS server:

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