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Domain owner history lookup - best ways to perform it

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Understanding the domain name owner history is extremely important when choosing an aftermarket domain. Are you wondering how to get the owner history for an internet domain? It is not uncommon for domain owner history to affect the positioning of a domain and its perception by internet users. In this article, we will explain to...

How do domain appraisal services work and is it worth using them when selling a domain?

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Have you ever wondered how much your internet domain might be worth? Perhaps while looking for an answer to this question, you have come across services that offer help and appraise domains? Or maybe you just found out about their existence now? In this article, we touched upon issues related to domain appraisal and explained...

­Internet domain name – secondary or primary market? Pros and cons

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Buying a domain is similar to buying an apartment – it’s often a long-term investment and you can buy it from the secondary or primary market. However, in the case of the secondary market, you’re not always sure what state the apartment will be in when you “move-in”. Moreover, the domain purchase prices are the...