Domains for education

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Domains for education

The academic year is fast approaching. It is an excellent (and last) moment to register a new domain related to education. Below, we collected several proposals available in our range – you will definitely find something for you.

For Polish schools – a domain

We open the list of domains for education with our local subdomain. The domain is an excellent choice for Polish:

  • schools,

  • teachers,

  • examiners,

  • training groups.

With the domain, you will easily emphasize the area in which your entity operates and what it does. Its registration is not associated with any limitations and it is freely available to everybody.

For sharing knowledge – .education and domains

Knowledge can be gained in many ways and in many areas. To facilitate finding your training platform for potential students, use the .education and domains. They will also be useful for:

  • training groups;

  • training courses;

  • lists of various education entities.

You can register the .education domain as a natural person or as a company without any limitations.

For a university – a .university domain

We have many great universities in the world, with great numbers of students at each of them. The .university domain will help students and .... find the required university.

This domain is a good choice for:

  • universities that want to create their own website;

  • students of a given university;

  • organizations cooperating with universities;

  • blogs keeping a ranking of universities in a given country, city, or sector. 

The .university domain is available without limitations to companies and natural persons that want to emphasize their association with education alike.

For those wanting to develop further – a .mba domain

Master of Business Administration or MBA are post-degree studies that frequently require a professional background as well. They are designated for managers with different areas of specialization. The .mba domain will be suitable for:

  • universities offering courses for that degree;

  • portals collecting information on MBA;

  • future school graduates.

The .mba domain can be registered without any limitations.

For international schools - .school and .schule domains

Both the English and German domain extensions refer to school. Such a domain can be particularly useful now when online education has become so widely available. The .school and .schule domains will be suitable for:

  • all schools, from grammar to secondary ones;

  • various education centers;

  • language and sports schools;

  • bookshops;

  • district units of teachers’ associations or exam committees;

  • textbook buyers;

  • international educational institutions;

  • students’ clubs.

The .school and .schule domains are available to everybody without any limitations.

For institutions – a .institute domain

The .institute domain will perfectly emphasize the educational profile of your operations. You can use it when you run:

  • schools of various types, from cooking to arts;

  • training in various areas;

  • list of training courses in your city;

  • education platform.

The .institute domain can be registered by a natural person or a company without any limitations.

For academies – a .academy domain

75 academies operate in Poland – this number is a perfect opportunity to register a domain associated with them. The .academy domain will be suitable for:

  • schools and institutes;

  • educational counselors helping to choose an education path;

  • advertisers;

  • students;

  • teachers.

The .academy domain can be registered by any natural person or company without restrictions.

A ‘degree’ can be used as a unit of measurement describing the weather, quantities of material or energy, or the educational stage. Regardless of its use, the .DEGREE domain is a perfect extension.

For giving grades – a .degree domain

From the earliest years, education is associated with grading our progress. It starts already at a preschool (in form of emoticons or flowers) and stays with us until graduating from a university. The .degree domain will be suitable for:

  • educational institutions;

  • online registers for teachers;

  • exam programs;

  • weatherpersons;

  • sports teams.

Each company and a natural person can register the .degree domain without any problems.

Domains for education – conclusion

As you can see, there is a wide selection of education-related domains available. Regardless of whether you seek a domain for grammar schools, universities, or training platforms for teachers, you will definitely find something for yourself.