Domains for technological start-ups and companies – part 1

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Domains for technological start-ups and companies – part 1

When you establish a technological start-up or a company, you are probably interested to know whether the name of your firm is available in the .com domain. It is no wonder, as this is the most commonly selected extension, you may have a problem with registering the name you want to use with it. Or maybe you have managed to register your company in the .com domain, but you want to secure your brand in other domains. In both cases, you will find this article useful, as it presents new domain codes available in our domain service that will be perfect for the technological sector.

Domain extensions for the technological sector – .tech and .technology

The .tech and .technology domains will both send a clear signal about the sector in which you operate. You will show that you are a specialist in technology and the type of services you offer. And what kind of services these maybe? The range is extensive, including:

  • software development;
  • equipment manufacturing;
  • writing a blog about the latest developments in technology;
  • establishing a community interested in technology;
  • marketing services for new technologies.

The .tech and .technology domains are suitable for:

  • R&D companies;
  • technology enthusiasts;
  • start-ups;
  • technological holdings.

In 2022, you can register a domain for a net price of 22.99€/$22,99 a year with the .technology extension, and 50.99€/$50,99 a year with the .tech extension.

Domains that are perfect for creating communities – .social and .community

Is there a better way to clearly communicate that your website focuses on establishing a community than by using the .social and .community domain extensions? Such domains will be perfect for: 

  • maintaining a forum or a group of people;
  • establishing a community of users of your product;
  • operating a marketing agency specializing in social media;
  • facilitating communication between your brand and its customers.

The .social and .community domains will be a good choice for companies that wish to maintain an active dialogue with their customers, enable them to share their experiences, or inform them about important events.

Domain focusing on sound – .audio

The audio industry means much more than just music – it also includes sound for films, TV programs, theatres, or the creation of videos. The .audio domain is an excellent choice for:

  • media producers;
  • sound engineers;
  • publishers;
  • audio equipment distributors;
  • musicians;
  • bloggers;
  • voice-based applications;
  • voice assistants.

Voice assistants and the large role that they will play in coming years are discussed in the article Trends in e-commerce in 2022.

Domains ideal for programming – .systems, .software, .codes, and .dev

Each of these four domains is a good choice for a software developer, freelancer, software house, training platform, or company looking for investors for their product.

If you created a marketing system for content management or controlling your e-mail inbox, use the .systems domain.

If you write software, are looking for a job in this area, or created an interesting program, the .software domain will immediately communicate what you do. The .codes domain is a good choice for software developers or companies developing software. It will also work for sites that help with solving problems with software.

If you are not happy with .codes or it is already taken, .dev represents an ideal alternative. Remember that all names must be protected with a valid and trusted SSL certificate. You can purchase the certificate (for a single domain or a Wildcard) when ordering the domain. You can also buy the SSL certificate now and activate it at a later date.

Domain for applications – .app

Applications have become a permanent fixture in our lives – even ‘non-technical’ people use applications, for example, of their favorite stores. Each company that wants to exist in the mobile market should consider the development of its own application. The .app domain will be suitable both for such companies and freelancers. Similarly, as the .dev domain, .app must be protected with a valid and trusted SSL certificate.

Domain for downloads – .download

The .download domains will help users of your application or software to download useful data, content, or instructions, without being exposed to a risk of a stowaway in form of a virus. 


This is the first part of our guide to domains for technological start-ups and companies. In two months, we will publish another list – stay tuned!