How to create a custom email domain name?

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How to create a custom email domain name?

Do you pay attention when you receive emails to which address they are sent from? Can you see the difference between and addresses? The difference is, of course, in the domain!

Having a custom email domain has a significant impact on how you are perceived. Both in the business world and for personal use. In this article, we'll tell you how to make a professional business email and what the advantages are.

Own domain in e-mail address

The domain to be used in an email address is the part of the email address that comes after the '@' sign. It is the unique part that indicates where the email server for an email address is located. The email domain is essentially part of the web address (URL) also used to host websites. This is the case for Let's Domains, where our email address: includes the name of our website:

Having your own email domain has a significant impact on your perception both in the business world and for personal use. Mainly because of several key benefits related to professionalism and branding. See the benefits of using your own email domain.

Professional business email

  1. You are perceived as professional. An email address with a custom domain (e.g. is perceived as more professional than a standard email address (e.g. Professional business email sends a clear message to customers and business partners. Your company is perceived as serious and well-established.

  2. Email is an element of branding and brand identity. A custom email domain is a powerful branding tool. It helps build and perpetuate brand awareness, ensuring that every email sent contributes to the promotion of your business.

  3. Increase credibility and trust. Customers perceive companies with professional business emails as more credible and established. This, in turn, gives you an advantage over competitors who may use free or less professional email addresses.

  4. You have control over your own email inbox. By owning your email domain, you have more control over the security and management of your emails. For example, you can apply additional security measures that are not available in standard email services.


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Personal email domain

  1. Uniqueness and personalisation. Your personal email domain reflects your personality or interests (e.g. It is a way to stand out and show your personality.

  2. Developing your own branding. If you are a freelancer or professional, your personal email domain is an extension of your personal branding, much like a website or business card.

  3. Stability. Unlike email addresses offered by employers or online services, having a personal email domain provides continuity and independence. The email address remains the same, regardless of career changes or external email address providers.

  4. Flexibility. You can create additional email addresses for different purposes (e.g. personal, hobby) under the same domain, allowing you to better organise and manage your communications.

Both personal and professional email domains reinforce the professional image of a company or individual brand and provide greater control, security and personalisation opportunities in digital communications.

Picking the perfect domain - how to make best choice?

How to make the best choice when selecting a domain name? Choosing the right domain name for your own email is a crucial step in building an online presence, for both businesses and individual users. The ideal domain name should be short and simple – this makes it easier to remember and minimises the risk of mistakes when typing in the address. It should also be directly related to your brand or personal branding so that it is immediately associated with your business or identity. Avoid complicated acronyms and vague references that can be confusing. You should also consider using keywords related to your industry or business, which can contribute to better recognition and search engine optimisation. Remember to check the availability of your chosen domain name before making a final decision – a unique and distinctive domain name is the foundation of an effective and professional image in the digital world.

When having a domain bought

Once you have decided on the ideal domain name, check whether it is available for registration. At Let's Domains you will successfully check availability and register your chosen domain name. Remember that a unique and distinctive domain name is the foundation of an effective and professional image in the digital world. Carefully analyse the availability of your domain name and make a decision to register it. For full instructions on how to register domains, see our article: How to register a domain name in a simple way?

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Email domains - how to buy a domain name?

When you have a website and would like to purchase another domain for an email address, the process is usually simpler. Take advantage of Let's Domains. Once purchased, the domain will be available in your website's management panel. All you need to do is find an available domain name, add it to your basket and make payment. It's a quick way to link your email domain to your existing website. Full instructions for registering a domain are available on our website. Remember that you can also create an email address on the domain where you have a website.

If you do not have a website yet but would like to buy a domain for an email address, use Let's Domains. With us, you can register a domain name regardless of having a website. Once you have purchased the domain, you will be able to use it to create custom email addresses associated with it. It's a step towards professional online communication.

Configuration of email domains

How to make a configuration of email domains? If you have a domain in Let's Domains, log into your administration panel: On the left-hand side, find the Domains tab > Domains list.

domains list

If your domain uses DNS hosting, you will be able to redirect the domain to email services at this point. Click Domain Details and find the DNS Hosting option. This will redirect your domain to email services. The record values should be indicated to you by your mail service provider. You can send them to us at:, we will help you configure them.


If your domain directs to external email addresses and does not use a DNS Hosting service, your email will be fully configured on your mail provider's DNS servers. The provider should help you fully set up your mail service and run your own business email.

Personal or business email - why you should have your own email domains

Having own email domains brings numerous benefits for both companies and individual users. It is a tool that significantly contributes to professional image and branding online. Key benefits include:

  • Professionalism that enhances your image and credibility, which is invaluable in business and professional communications.

  • The ability to construct an email address that is immediately associated with your brand or personal branding, building awareness and recognition.

  • Gaining the trust of customers and business partners, who often perceive custom email domains as more trustworthy.

  • Full control over security, management and access to your mailbox.

  • The ability to create custom email addresses that reflect your personality or the nature of your business.

If you don't already own an email domain, now is the perfect time to consider buying one. It's an investment in your online image that can contribute to both professional and personal success. We encourage you to take steps to enhance your professional image or personal branding through your own email domain. The registration process is relatively simple and the benefits can be significant. Remember, first impressions matter a great deal and your own email domain is a great way to present yourself in the best light online.